We believe it’s important to share our core values with our customers and the skincare community and reliability is one of these central values that has shaped The Formula. Reliability to us means consistency and efficiency which in turn leads to trust. Our core values are important for both ourselves and our customers. Firstly, by making them known to you, you are able to hold us accountable. Secondly, we use our core values as important tools in our decision making process within the business. Reliability guides our decisions and actions when it comes to two key elements of our brand. The first is the curation of the products we choose to stock and the second is the physical delivery of our products and services. 


As you know from our previous posts, every product and brand we stock within our store has to meet a strict set of criteria which are based on research, experience, science and sustainability. Unless emerging and compelling  evidence is released to change our view on these things (we are always looking to develop and refine our knowledge) you can be assured our product choices will consistently be made with these criteria in mind.  We will never be swayed in the name of trends, popularity or profit. It is our hope that through curation of this kind we will earn your trust so that you can rely on us to do the research and make those sometimes difficult choices so you don’t have to. 


Reliability was a significant factor for us when deciding to launch The Formula. It presented itself as a huge opportunity for us and was a defining factor in shaping our business plan. 

As consumers we found ourselves too often wondering ‘where is our parcel’? and ‘will I ever get hold of anyone that can help me’? Fortunately for us being new to the retail business we have the opportunity to learn from those that have come before us and take their challenges and struggles and transform them into our opportunities and strengths. As such it is very easy to profess customer service but much harder to follow through with those commitments if you promise more than you can deliver. That is how and why reliability is at the forefront of our business decisions. Sales and volume will always come second to delivering our service at a high level to you, our customer.  That is our promise to you and we hope you will hold us accountable. We will never accept your payment without being 100% sure we can deliver what you want to a high standard within a satisfying time frame. You can RELY on us to be consistent and efficient in our delivery, communication and values. 

We want to make this clear so that you can hold us accountable now and forever into the future.