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Geek & Gorgeous Keep Calm Kit: Three products designed to soothe sensitive skin and reduce redness, while also evening the skin tone and giving a subtle glow. The kit contains a gentle PHA + BHA exfoliant, a soothing toner spray with panthenol, and a redness-reducing, skin-brightening serum with an azelaic acid derivative.

The Keep Calm Kit contains three products perfect for everyone with sensitive, redness-prone skin. Calm Down is a super-gentle exfoliant with 4% PHA+BHA acids that work to give a healthy glow, while soothing, protecting, and hydrating the skin. Liquid Hydration is our soothing toner spray with 5% Panthenol + NMF components. aPAD is a light-textured Azelaic Acid derivative (Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, or PAD) serum to even the skin tone and calm the skin.

You can find more details about the individual products here:


Good to know: the kit is not gift wrapped, but contains the three products individually. 


After cleansing your skin, use Calm Down exfoliant first using a cotton pad or tapping it into the skin with your hands. Depending on your skin's sensitivity, use it once a day or every other day in the evening. Follow with Liquid Hydration toner spray, then aPAD serum. 

A possible routine for sensitive skin, including the three products from the kit:


Rinse with water / your favorite cleanser
Liquid Hydration
Optional - other serums and/or your favorite moisturizer
Sunscreen with SPF


Cleanse with your favorite cleanser (our tip: Jelly Joker)
Calm Down
Liquid Hydration
aPAD - can be used once or twice per day
Optional - other serums
Your favorite moisturizer

See more 'how to use' and ingredient information at the individual product pages linked above.


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