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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Anhydrous Solution



The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Anhydrous Solution is a water-free serum for gentle exfoliation and pore decongestion.

Why We Love It

This is a salicylic treatment with a difference - it provides moisture and comfort to the skin whilst exfoliating, clarifying and smoothing. It's great for those who find a traditional salicylic acid serum too drying! 

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Anhydrous Solution

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Anhydrous Solution is a water-free product formulated to exfoliate the skin and help decongest pores. Direct acids, specifically alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), are renowned for their ability to support the natural shedding of dead skin. While AHAs aim to promote superficial exfoliation, Salicylic Acid (SA), a lipophilic BHA, is particularly effective at targeting oil within the pores that can lead to congestion. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Anhydrous Solution offers salicylic acid in a squalane base formulated with the intent of reducing concerns of skin irritation that can be associated with the use of SA.

Note: This product uses 100% pure plant-derived Squalane that is ECOCERT approved and is a USDA Certified Bio-based Product.


Apply in the morning and/or evening after cleansing. best applied after water based products. 


Apply a small dot to the target area or apply a small amount over the face for general use. Do not use on sensitive, peeling or compromised skin. Avoid the eye contour and contact with eyes. Patch testing prior to use is advised: Apply the product as directed to a small area once a day for three days to test if you are sensitive to this product.


Creams, oils and sunscreen during the day.  


This product contains a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

It's recommended to avoid other forms of exfoliation when using this product as sensitivity/irritation may result. 


+ Offers mild exfoliation and supports natural shedding of skin

+ Helps visibly refine and decongest pores

+ Clarifies skin and helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts

+ Targets oil within the pores that can lead to congestion

+ Hydrates and soothes skin as it exfoliates

+ Suitable for sensitive skin


Salicylic  Acid

Salicylic acid (also called beta hydroxy acid or BHA) is a desmolytic ingredient, meaning it's able to exfoliate by dissolving the bonds that hold dead cells to the skin's surface. It's an oil soluble ingredient, and therefore has the ability to penetrate into the pore lining and exfoliate inside the pore.


A hydrocarbon derived by hydrogenation of squalene - a natural component of skin sebum. It is a great moisturising and emollient ingredient as well as being a source of replenishing fatty acids and antioxidants. 



Squalane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pentylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Oleic/Linoleic/Linolenic Polyglycerides, 4-t-Butylcyclohexanol, Hydroxymethoxyphenyl Decanone, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.






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