Order fulfilment will be paused between Feb 15 - April 22 to work on some improvements behind the scenes.

All existing orders will be processed as usual. 

We’re experiencing some growing pains and a short break will allow us to focus on making changes to improve your shopping experience and our service & delivery in 2024.

  • Between 15th Feb and 22nd April 2024, we will be pausing all order fulfilments. The site will remain open for pre-order purchases during this period for those keen to get in first upon our return. Orders will be fulfilled on 21st April 2024. 
  • There will be some price reviews/increases after 22nd April. Please see below for details around this. For those that want to take advantage of current prices/discounts we will be offering the below promos to our existing customers.
  • All items will be on pre-order throughout this period with an added discount. There will be a strict cap on pre-orders available so that the April re-launch is smooth, so get in quick to secure your pre-order. The last pre-order purchase date to receive your items prior to Feb 15 will be Feb 5. 
  • Gift cards will be available at a 10% discount! Eg. Get a $50 gift card for $45. If you miss out on the capped pre order deals you can still get great value.
  • Following the 22nd April we will resume fulfilment and be fully stocked across all brands with new systems and improvements in place. Please see below for further details. 


          Several of our brand partners are growing in global popularity. This rapid growth has been accompanied by some challenges for our very small team. We’re working with our brands to overcome logistics and manufacturing challenges on their side and ours.  Increasing global costs including freight, logistics and domestic shipping has restricted us from growing our team as much as we’d like to. It’s also super important to us to keep our skincare prices as low as possible! This has led to service and delivery challenges on our part and we’re finding it hard to maintain our high standard of service. So we’re taking this time to work on some improvements within our business.


We will be providing further detailed info linked here in the coming weeks for those interested. 



  • Regular stock allocation with our brand partners to ensure we have your favourites consistently in stock and available.
    • Speeding up our fulfilment process and making parcel tracking clearer and easier. This will include more delivery options like same day and courier delivery.
    • Some prices will be adjusted after April 22nd to reflect the current environment. This will assist us in increasing our resources and improving your skincare shopping experience.
    • Some product prices may be decreased and others increased accordingly. These changes will be minimal and our prices will remain competitive in the international market. 
    • Our website and your skincare shopping experience will be polished up! We’re working with some seasoned professionals in the e-commerce beauty and skincare space in the coming months. 
    • A renewed focus will be put on skincare education and communications with customers via email and social media. 

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions for ways to improve The Formula in the future, so please share your thoughts! 

    Please email us at hello@theformulaskincare.com if you have any questions throughout this period. We want to say a big thank you for all your ongoing support and patience while we improve The Formula! 

    With our warmest thanks,

    Julia & Ash